Thursday, September 4, 2008

A better day

The baby is still alive. I went to see him today. He still has quite a bit of respiratory distress but is alert and vigorous. This is a good sign. I was so angry last night because I knew that immediate antibiotics and fluid would be life saving- I was right.
I manged to get Mbabane Hospital to accept my patient. This has been recognised as somewhat of a miracle of sorts- Mbabane very rarely accept anyone from here. Dr Petros says that they would have accepted because I have a very "white sounding voice" and they would have accepted her for that reason. I sadly think that he maybe right. The colour of my skin and my ability to articulate myself well seems to have it's advantages around here.
When I think about the patient that died, I know that I did everything humanly possibly for her. I gave her high dose Bactrim and steroids which is exactly what she needed. The reality is that she had AIDS and this disease is far bigger than me.
I don't always tell you of my successes and if I think clearly and rationally, I am having quite a few. I know that I am contributing here at the Good Shepherd. Not only am I treating patients, but I'm also teaching nurses and some of my colleagues. They are lapping up whatever I give them. I am thinking of running a few "seminars" for the nurses as they seem to really enjoy my teaching. There are quite a few medical students here and I know they appreciate me taking time out to explain things to them. It's no wonder I'm exhausted.
I walked into Siteki this afternoon- always a pleasant experience. People stop along the way and always say hello and ask me how I am. One day, this woman ran up to me and asked if she could carry my bags for me. I didn't let her, but we shared a wonderful conversation as we walked back to Good Shepherd together. People are incredibly kind here.
I am also quite popular with the boys- something that has never been the case in Australia. To my absolute surprise they think I'm quite beautiful and wherever I go they will openly tell me this. I get quite embarrassed as I walk along and they will run up to me and tell me how beautiful or pretty I am. I was a little bit cynical at first, thinking that they may want something from me, but they have never asked for anything. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in a world where random compliments abound?