Monday, December 15, 2008

Melanie's family at last in Swaziland

At last my family have arrived!
They arrived on time, much to my relief and I started crying as soon as I saw them. Unfortunately, I was able to see them waiting in customs, so by the time they had cleared customs and come through the luggage area, I had been crying for quite a long time! My Mum just held me for the longest time and I sure it made for dramatic entertainment for all the on-lookers.
In typical Swazi style, there were a few hiccups- namely, their luggage didn't arrive and then the transfer we had organised to take us back to the hotel also didn't turn up.
I have to admit, whilst I didn't want to see my family frustrated, I was inwardly smiling at just how typical this was for their arrival here in Swaziland. If everything had gone perfectly, then it would have made a mockery of all I have experienced in Swaziland so far!
Thanks to me now being considered a "local", I was quickly able to organise transport for us and we made our way to the hotel- sans luggage. Thankfully, Mum, Rachel and I share a similar body habitus (although I have been reminded that my butt size exceeds theirs by vast quantities....) so I was able to lend them some clothes. Graeme's a man so it didn't bother him at all that he didn't have another set of clothes.
3 out of their 4 suitcases arrived this afternoon, so they all now have their clothes and the vast quantities of children's clothes, colouring in books, pencils, balloons and 1500 condoms that will be distributed throughout the Swazi community. Rachel carried the condoms in her hand luggage and apparently the guys in the luggage scanner looked at her very strangely as she went through...
Today we went to Swazi Candles for lunch and we did the few "touristy" things that we are able to do in this area.
Tomorrow, we leave for Bulembu and no doubt this will provide for a very interesting blog post. Stay tuned.